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Filmation - the creators of He-Man, She-Ra, Bravestarr & many other Great Cartoons - Filmation Presents take a look at some of the shows that never made it. From show Specials to Promos to Pilots. Including the rare Marx Brothers Cartoon : A Day At The Horse Opera, Filmation's 1st cartoon ever made, which some believed never existed.

DiSC 1 :

-Marx Brothers Cartoon : A Day At The Horse Opera - Pilot.

-Aesop's Fables : The Tortoise And The Hare (w/Bill Cosby).

-Bravo: The Quest Of The Prairie People : Fun WIth The Fuzzy Folk - Pilot.

DISC 2 :

-Digit (Promo).

-King Arthur(Promo).

-Magnificent Men (Promo).

-Space Express (Audition) w/Maureen McCormick and Greg Evigan.

-Fat Albert movie Audition - Tracy Coley.

-Rudy Movie Audition - Ross Leon.

-Sherlock Holmes In The 23rd Century (Promo).

-Robin And The Dreamweavers - Marketing Promo.

DISC 3 : 

-Origins Game - 1st Pilot - w/Burt Ward.

-Origins Game - 2nd Pilot - w/Bob Crane.

-Origins Game - 3rd Pilot -w/Bob Eubanks.

-Origins Game - 4th Pilot - w/Bob Eubanks.

DISC 4 :

-The Ark Angels: The Ark Of Triumph.

-The Ark Angels: David's Destiny.

-The Ark Angels : A Star Guides Them.

-The Ark Angels : A Child Is Born.

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